2022 Event Program

May 28, 2022 | Gold Coast, Queensland

Below are the timings of key events. Further detail will be added to the Event Program in our Event Handbook.

*Times & Locations below are subject to change

Thursday May 26
5pm – 6pm Swimmer Check-in @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
6pm – 7pm Safety Briefing: Solo & Teams + Skippers @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
Friday May 27
5pm – 7pm Swimmer Check-in @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
5pm – 7pm Team Swimmer Bag Drop @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
6pm – 7pm Solo Safety Briefing: Swimmers + Skippers @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
7pm – 8pm Teams Safety Briefing: Team Captains + Skippers @ Surfers Paradise SLSC
Saturday May 28
Bus Departs: Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta Beach
@ Surfers Paradise SLSC
6:30-7:30am Support Boats Assemble @ Offshore Waiting Zone
  *Arrive 15 mins before your Swimmer starts
6:45am Solo Waves Start @ Coolangatta Beach
  5 min break between wave groups  
7:30am Duo Teams Start @ Coolangatta Beach
  5 min break between wave groups
Teams Start
@ Coolangatta Beach
11:00-11:30 First Finishers Expected @ Surfers Paradise
4:00pm Swimmer Cut-off (Finish Lane) @ Final Checkpoint
6:00pm Presentations + Afterparty
@ Surfers Paradise SLSC



A free bus is available for swimmers from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta Beach before the event, departing Surfers Paradise Surf Club at 5:00am and arrive at Coolangatta Beach at approx 5:45am.

This service is designed for Solo swimmers and the FIRST SWIMMER in teams.  All other team members must be onboard their Support Boats, assembled in the Offshore Waiting Zone before the event start.

Please email us if you would like to book a seat on this bus –



All Solo swimmers, plus one team member from all teams and their Boat Skipper must attend a Safety Briefing, on EITHER Thursday 26th or Friday 27th.



The swim start is directly in front of Coolangatta Surf Club on Marine Parade.

The Chalk and Lanham Street carpark nearby is free of charge:





Solo swimmers and Team Swimmer #1 will have access to a Bag Transport service, from the Start at Coolangatta Beach to our Surfers Paradise Finish Area.

You do not need to book, but we do ask that you only have one bag per person.  This bag needs to be secured with a zip, not an open plastic bag etc.

Team Swimmers – you are able to leave a bag at Check-in on Friday night that we can have waiting at the Finish for you.  You may like to have a change of clothes, towel, EFTPOS card etc as soon as you arrive, rather than wait for your Skipper to arrive with your belongings.

All bags will be available for you when you arrive in our Recovery Area on Surfers Paradise Beach.

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