Event Rules

The following rules apply to every participant, including swimmers, support paddlers and skippers. The event will be a lot of fun, but every participant must make safety their priority.

It is every swimmer’s responsibility to select a Skipper who is capable of operating the Support Boat safely.


  1. Every swimmer, including solo, duo and teams, must have a designated motorised support boat
  1. The minimum age for all swimmers on event day is 16 years of age. For Solo swimmers under the age of 18 on event day, a parent or guardian must email World Series Swims to verify the swimmers ability and experience.
  1. Team Captains must ensure that all members of their team have their race number written on their swim cap and wear it at all times in the water.
  1. Wetsuits ARE permitted for swimmers in all categories, EXCEPT for solo swimmers in the Elite Category
  1. Rule Amendment for swimsuits (if applicable)
  1. The official swim cap must be worn by all swimmers at all times while in the water.
  1. Every Solo swimmer must qualify to participate in ‘Swim the Gold Coast’. The following minimum qualification requirements apply:
  • You must have completed an open water swim of 10km or greater in under 4 hours, within 12 months of the event date OR
  • You must have completed an open water swim of 20km or greater in the past 24 months
  1. Swimmers must meet their Support Boat at the exit of the Start Lane, approx 450m off Coolangatta Beach. The end of the Start Lane will be clearly marked (opposite the Support Boat Waiting Zone) and we will communicate with Support Boats as each Wave Group starts
  1. Swimmers will be asked to withdraw from the Event if they have not met the following cut-off times at Checkpoints. This applies to all Solo Swimmers, Duo’s and Teams. Final cut-off times will be confirmed prior to the event.
  • Checkpoint #1 (Currumbin – 7km): 10:30am
  • Checkpoint #2 (Burleigh Headland – 11km): 12:30pm
  • Checkpoint #3 (Broadbeach – 18km): 3:00pm
  • Checkpoint #4 (Finish Lane entrance – 21km): 4:00pm
  1. In the event of a shark sighting, skippers may be required to evacuate their swimmer from the water. Any swimmer that fails to follow the directions of the Race Officials may risk disqualification.
  1. Tandem Solo Swimmers sharing a boat with another solo swimmer, agree to both stay within approximately 20 metres of the shared Support Boat. We suggest Tandem Solo Swimmers also have one paddler (between two swimmers)
  1. When performing a team changeover, swimmers must be at least 10 metres from any support boat (except paddle craft)
  1. ‘Tagging’ your team mates (EG: a high five) must be above the water and visible to Support Boats
  1. The swimmer wearing the timing tag must cross the timing mats at the finish area
  1. Team swimmers can do any number of swims or swim distance – there is no order required
  1. Team members are all permitted to complete the final 400m leg in the “Finish Lane’. Support Boats are not permitted in this zone.
  1. World Series Swims (The Organiser) strongly recommends that all participants (swimmers, paddlers, skippers) are adequately insured for all associated risks on the day of the event. The Organiser does not accept liability for personal accidents or property damage resulting from your participation in the event.
  1. Every Solo swimmer, Team Captain and Skipper must attend a Safety Briefing before the event.  If you are chartering a vessel, the Skipper of that vessel will also need to attend.


The official entry form will ask you to sign as confirmation that you understand all of the Event Rules for your participation, as outlined above.

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