Support Paddlers

Every Support Paddler must register to participate using the form below:

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Rules for Support Paddlers

A support paddler is mandatory for the 10km event.

  1. If Paddlers choose to depart from the beach, they must depart from the designated Assembly Area on the left of the start line at Burleigh Beach.
  2. If Paddlers choose their own entry, they must wait offshore and pair with their swimmer at the exit of the Start Lane
  3. Paddlers must meet their Swimmer at the exit of the Start Lane. The end of the Start Lane is marked by the TWO WHITE BUOYS opposite the Support Paddler Waiting Zone (map provided in Final Event Handbook)
  4. All Paddlers must stay on the left of the Finish Lane buoys and exit to the left of the finish area at Surfers Paradise
  5. Any Paddler who allows a swimmer to contact / hold their paddle craft will risk swimmer disqualification



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