Event FAQs

Are there any age restrictions on entry?

Yes there are. There is no maximum age restriction, however competitors in any event (10km or 21km) must be over the age of 16 on event day.

Competitors under the age of 18 must also have a parent or guardian present on event day.

Competitors under the age of 18 wishing to enter into the Solo event category must have their competency / ability verified by a coach or parent.  Please email World Series Swims before entering if this applies to you:

How do I know my entry is confirmed?

Once you have completed your online entry form you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Please keep this as proof of entry and check your ‘junk folder’ if you don’t receive it immediately.  It is sent to the email address that YOU type in, so please ensure it is correct.

If you do not receive this email please contact WSS at

Will I receive any other information before the event?

Yes you will. We’ll send you regular updates about things like when your Skipper needs to register with their details, or training and race tips.

A comprehensive Event Handbook will also be emailed to all competitors prior to the event and will also be available for download at This will detail all the information you’ll need to take part including the event schedule, information on support services as well as communication options, course coordinates and site maps.

Is a Support Boat mandatory for all swimmers?

In the 21km – yes it is.  Every swimmer, including solo, duo and teams, must have a designated motorised support boat.

It is the responsibility of the Skipper to make sure the boat is suitable and capable of making the journey from Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise, then on to the nearest boat ramp (approx 25km). See our Support Boats info page for further details

10km swimmers only require a support paddler, not a motorised support boat.

Are there any qualification requirements?

For 10km & 21km Solo swimmers, yes there are, but not for Teams.

Qualifying can be completed in your own time, then proof of your swim time and distance can be uploaded online to your entry records.

21km Solo Qualification:

  • You must have completed an open water swim of 10km or greater in under 4 hours, within 12 months of the event date, OR:
  • You must have completed an open water swim of 20km or greater in the past 24 months.

10km Solo Qualification:

  • You must have completed an open water swim of 5km in under 2 hours, within 12 months of the event date

Are wetsuits permitted in this event?

Yes they are, but only for Solo swimmers entering into our Age Group Waves and swimmers in Teams.

Wetsuits are NOT permitted for solo swimmers in the Elite Category (10km & 21km)

Wetsuits are not typically allowed in many ocean swimming events however they are a great buoyancy aid that offer assistance to inexperienced or less confident ocean swimmers.

Where & When is the Safety Briefing?

A Safety Briefing will be held in Surfers Paradise, on Friday May 5th.  The venue will be Surfers Paradise SLSC.

Every skipper must attend the Safety Briefing before the event.  If you are chartering a vessel, the Skipper of that vessel will also need to attend.

Every Solo swimmer and Team Captain must also attend with their Skippers.

10km swimmers do not need to attend a Safety Briefing.

Is there a time restriction to complete the 21km event?

Yes there is.  The following time restrictions will be enforced to ensure the safety of all competitors.  Any swimmer yet to round the final turn will be assisted by water safety personnel.  However, we do love to see every swimmer cross the finish line, so we prefer not to intervene if a swimmer is in close proximity to a checkpoint still swimming comfortably.

This times apply to all Solo Swimmers, Duo’s and Teams.

Checkpoint #1 (Currumbin – 7km): 10:30am

Checkpoint #2 (Burleigh Headland – 11km): 12:30pm

Checkpoint #3 (Broadbeach – 18km): 3:00pm

Checkpoint #4 (Finish Lane entrance – 21km): 4:00pm

Are wave starts used for the 21km event?

Yes they are. The waves are especially important for this event as they manage the volume of swimmers enetering the water, and therefore congestion of support boats meeting those swimmers.

  1. Solo Waves: Elite Wave > Age Group Waves (Automatic unless Elite is selected)
  2. Duo Team Waves:  Female > Mixed > Male
  3. Teams of 4-6: Female > Mixed > Male

I’m the first swimmer in my team.  What do my team mates do at the Start?

Only the first swimmer in each team should assemble at Kirra Beach – all other team members should be on your Support Boat when the event begins.

Please board your boat wherever you Skipper chooses to launch, DO NOT swim out to meet them.

How does the Finish at Surfers Paradise work?

There is no boat ramp at Surfers Paradise where you finish (it’s a surf beach), so your Skipper will depart for their preferred exit ramp when you reach the Finish Lane (400m from shore)

Team members have the option of swimming the final 400m together (we recommend it!) or staying onboard and returning to the Boat Ramp.

The Seaworld Drive Boat Ramps are the recommended ramps to launch your Support Boats, given their proximity to Surfers Paradise where the event will finish. They also have ample parking space.

  • Address: Muriel Henchman Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217

Is there transport for Skippers and team members who don’t swim the final leg?

Yes there is.

A bus service will run between the Seaworld Drive Boat Ramp and the finish at Surfers Paradise Beach (Hanlan St).

This free service is designed to transport Skippers and / or team members who exit at Southport, to meet their swimmers at the finish line as soon as possible.

Buses will run continuously from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. No bookings are required.

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