Ready to Race Sessions

Phil Clayton & Co. are a leading open water training provider in Queensland and this Summer we’re lucky to have Phil and his team hosting two ‘Ready to Race’ sessions on Saturday March 25th.  

These sessions are an excellent opportunity to get expert coaching, tips & tricks in the same location as the main event on Sunday.

Have your Questions Answered before Race Day

Phil will discuss your warm-up, how to read conditions and use them to your advantage, race entry, race tactics, sighting and most importantly, he will be available to answer any questions you might have before race day.

Plenty of Breaks to Rest + Recover

These sessions have included breaks to allow Phil to engage with the group and offer insightful tips to help come race day.


Two Sessions

  • WHEN: 9am + 4pm, Saturday 25th March, 2023
  • WHERE: Mooloolaba Surf Club
  • COST: $25 per session (excl GST + processing fee)
  • Warm up drills, condition check list + race prep
  • Swim Distance: 1.5 km

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